Friday, April 1, 2011

FREE at Civil War Records

In case you have not heard of (is that possible?) and know that they have both a paid for subscription part as well as many records that you can get free of charge, be sure to go there and register!

The week of April 7th to April 14th is opening up their Civil War records along with Census reports from 1860 and 1870 to the general public. If you have not had the opportunity to locate those records or census reports before now, it is a great time to take advantage of this offer.

I would suggest that you go through all of your family surname records and write down every man and boy from the age of 14 on up who could have possibly participated in the Civil War. Even young boys went along to help the soldiers so don't discount the boys. Also make sure that you copy down the towns, or at least the areas where they lived at the time, which will assist you in knowing which regiment they may have been attached to.

Then plan on burning some midnight oil so that you can look them all up during this week.  Hopefully you will turn up lots of information to add to your files. 

Happy Hunting

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